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Easy Cleaner

The EASY CLEANER is built for cleaning water drainage pipes, such as drainage pipes, gutter drains, toilet drains and other cleaning work.
The machine is also extremely suitable for unloading and rinsing manure drainage channels in cow and pig stables, and for cleaning stables, buildings, implements, etc., whereby larger amounts of water per minute guarantee an optimal cleaning effect.
You can also use the EASY CLEANER for cleaning very small pipes, such as 30mm drainage pipes or, of course, larger drainage pipes on farmyards and/or industrial sites.

The EASY CLEANER is standard equipped with a 142ltr/min-50 bar. Piston diaphragm pump and a ½”-100 meter 90 bar. snake.
The spray head pulls itself into the tube with the hose, through a combination of larger amounts of water and pressure at the spray head.
A crank is fitted as standard to the reel of the EASY CLEANER for retracting and winding the cleaning hose.
– Stainless steel ditch filter – machine filter – PTO shaft

–As an extra, the EASY CLEANER can be supplied with a larger pump 192 ltr/min- 50 bar piston diaphragm pump, which is also suitable for suction from open water. By using larger pumps, a lower pump speed can be used and these are necessary if longer hose lengths 5/8” are to be used.

— The EASY CLEANER can also be equipped with a larger reel, for 5/8” hose, so that more water comes to the nozzle. This reel can be hydraulically driven as an option.

–With a DUO reel, the EASY CLEANER is equipped with a 100mtr ½” hose and 100m. 5/8” 80 bar. hose, for work in pipes with larger diameters and/or longer lengths.
–The 5/8” hose is also available in longer lengths.

The towbar is not approved for use on public roads.

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